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FORCELL cabel USB MFI for Lightning Apple Iphone 8-pin LC01

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Product specification.

Cable for charging and data transmission. Dedicated to Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad). Can be used on all iOS devices.

Compatible with all iOS versions: the cable can be used on all iOS devices.

MFI certificate means that the accessory meets Apple performance standards and can be used on all iOS devices.

Universal: allows you to charge devices and transfer data freely.

Compact design makes it easy to store the product when not in use.

Optimal cable length - 1m, guarantees comfort of use and does not restrict user's movements during charging.

Note! Accessories that meet MFI certification requirements, reported to Apple as sold / distributed by the manufacturer, including Forcell MFI cable, are available on the public Lightning authorized accessories database.

Link to the database: https://mfi.apple.com/MFiWeb/getAPS.action

How to search a Forcell MFI USB cable in the Apple database?

1. Go to the link above.
2. In the search criteria select BRAND.
3. Enter 'Forcell' in the field next to it.
4. Confirm by clicking Search.
5. Done!

Length: 100 cm
Current: 2A (max)
Material: TPE

EAN code 5903396033100