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Wipes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces Meliseptol® HBV 100 pcs. TUBE

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Product specification.

Wipes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces - Meliseptol HBV. They fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. Intended for use in the neonatal ward, in the food division, for washing medical equipment and objects of public use in the workplace.

Soaked in a biocide, Meliseptol wipes are great for cleaning and disinfecting, effectively fighting bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Universal: intended for use in neonatal wards, in the food division, for wiping the surface of alcohol-resistant medical equipment.

Special packaging in which the wipes are packaged makes dispensing easier.

Quick disinfection time: after applying the active substance on the surface to be cleaned, wait 1 minute; that is all it takes for the biocide to work.

EAN code 7612449118418