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Gaming mousepad 800x300x3mm / black/ red stitching

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Product specification.

Large Size Design 800 x 300 x 3 mm makes it larger usable area provided for keyboard, mouse and stuff on the desktop especially if you play the game.

Smooth cloth surface is made from high-density fabric texture that ensures ultra-smooth mouse sliding experience during gaming. Anti-slip rubber base prevents sliding by on the desk while using it. Durable stitched edges ensure they do not fray or fall apart like other mouse pads. Multispandex prevents damage from liquid stains. The material is easy to clean- use water to clean it.

Available for all types of mousse laser and optical. Ideal size for daily use. 3mm thickness to adapt to all surface.

Product Specification:
Material: polyester fabric surface & eco natural rubber base
Size: 800 x 300 x 3 mm
Colour: black, red stitching, without printing

EAN code 5903396057496