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Cable Type C C 3in1 for iPhone Lightning 8-pin + iPhone Lightning 8-pin + Apple Watch 3W 1A C3168 white

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Product specification.

A handy 3-in-1 accessory: a cable with two Lightning plugs for iPhone and a wireless charger for Apple iWatch. It allows you to efficiently power up to 3 Apple devices at the same time. Suitable for Apple iWatch, iPhone, iPad and so on.

An extremely handy accessory dedicated to Apple lovers. Thanks to two built-in Lightning plugs for the iPhone, it allows you to charge two Apple phones at the same time.

The built-in wireless charger for Apple iWatch allows you to charge your smartwatch while powering two other devices: iPhones. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to invest in additional charging devices - all you need is the C3168 cable.

The optimal cable length is 120 cm, which makes it extremely comfortable to use and allows you to work freely with your smartphone while charging.

Created for Apple devices.

Functions: charging
iWatch wireless charger input: 5V/1A
iWatch wireless charger power: 3W
Cable output: 5V/2A
Plugs: USB-C / Lightning, Lightning, iWatch wireless charger
Cable length: 120 cm
Side cable length: 20 cm
Weight: 50 g
Use for: Apple iWatch, iPhone, iPad, etc.

EAN code 5903396106705