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BASEUS cable Yiven for iPhone Lightning 8-pin 2A 1.2m coffe CALYW-12

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Product specification.

BASEUS Yiven USB cable with a current intensity of 2A. The product allows quick and safe charging and data transferring between portable devices equipped with a USB port. Compatible with Apple devices.

BASEUS Yiven USB cable is made of the high quality materials, so it ensures long and safe use. The product supports devices equipped with a USB connector and fits Apple devices.

Made of the high quality materials, a cloth knitting cable and aluminum alloy, that provide durability and allows smooth and secure connecting to the ports;
Available in several colors - black, red and coffee.

Materials: Cloth knitting wire + Aluminium alloy
Connectors: USB + Lightning
Output current: 2A
Length: 1.2 m

EAN code 6953156248816