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Full Cover 5D Nano Glass - SAM Galaxy Note 9 black (Hot Bending)

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Product specification.

Flexible tempered glass with increased 9H strength and even better edge protection. Thanks to the modern formula, it adheres well to the screen, protecting it from scratches. Colorful frame to choose.

The unique combination of 0.38 mm thick tempered glass and PET foil makes the glass practically imperceptible and invisible and provides 100% tactile value and freedom of use. The edges of the glass do not break due to the high elasticity, ensuring protection of the edges of the device. Excellent adhesion (adhesive on the entire surface) means that dust and dirt do not accumulate under the foil. The oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints.

Elements necessary for self-assembly are attached to the glass. After application, the glass adheres perfectly to the screen, leaving no air bubbles, and the glueless formula makes it easy to remove the glass without leaving marks.

The edges of the glass are rounded, which guarantees safe use. Glass available with a black or white frame.

Glue: on the entire surface
Thickness: 0.38 mm
Material: glass and PET film
Level of protection: Very high

- tempered glass
- a screen degreasing cloth
- a dust removal cloth

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