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X-ONE Full Cover Extra Strong - for Samsung S20 FE tempered glass 9H

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Product specification.

X-ONE Full Cover Extra Strong tempered glass. Protects the phone display from damage. Scratch resistant. Does not reduce the touch value of the screen.

High hardness factor - 9H, prevents damage and makes the product resistant to scratches, including sharp objects such as a knife.

Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints and makes it easier to keep the product clean.

No air bubbles: it allows you to put glass on the screen without worrying about the appearance of air bubbles.

High shock absorption makes the glass extremely durable, providing maximum protection against damage.

Does not interfere with touch value, allowing comfortable work with the screen.

Perfect fit - the product adapts perfectly to the dedicated smartphone model.

Easy to apply - allows you to install it by yourself.

Hardness factor: 9H
Glue: On the entire surface

- tempered glass
- a screen degreasing cloth
- a dust removal cloth

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EAN code 5903396097317