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SPIGEN Thin Fit for IPHONE 13 black

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Product specification.

Ultra thin phone case - SPIGEN Thin Fit. Protects the device against damage and scratches, and thanks to its slim shape and lightweight housing, it doesn't thicken the phone.

One of the thinnest overlays from the SPIGEN collection - Thin Fit, is a product dedicated to minimalists who value reliable protection for their phone.

The case is made of high quality polycarbonate that make it resistant to scratches and provides perfect protection against damage.

Holes for function buttons, in which the case is equipped, allow efficient operation of the smartphone.

The lightweight housing allows the device to be protected without abundance, e.g. during a fall, and also allows to keep the original, slim shape of the smartphone.

Has a place for a special metal plate and allows using a magnetic car holder.

EAN code 8809811853360