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5D Mr. Monkey Glass - Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra black (Full AB Glue) + Frame

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Product specification.

Mr. Monkey is a very high-quality tempered glass having glue on the entire surface and on the curved edges. The attached frame makes it easy to install the glass.

The Japanese TOYO glue strongly binds the display screen with glass. Thanks to this it is perfectly matched and perfectly protects the device.

Thickness of 0.33 mm, perfectly polished edges make the glass is undetectable and invisible.
Mr. Monkey 5D Glass AB Glue ensures 100% compatibility with the phone and 100% transparencies.

The set includes the frame that makes it easy to install the glass. Mr. Monkey 5D Glass AB Glue does not break or deform during installation. After applying, it adheres perfectly to the screen without leaving any air bubbles.
The oleophobic coating provides screen transparency and resistance to fingerprints and dirt.

Glue: High-quality TOYO glue on the entire gluing surface
Thickness: 0.33 mm
Security level: high
Hardness for tempered glass: 9H

EAN code 5903396061790