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Car Charger LDNIO DL-C28 with double USB socket 3,4A + Lightning cable

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Product specification.

Compact LDNIO car charger with high charging power and dual USB input. Set includes Lightning cable.

Auto-ID function automatically detects connected devices and selects optimal charging parameters which extends battery life.

High charging power (3.4A) and full compatibility with Android and iOS devices make the charger is universal and can be used to charge not only your smartphone, but also tablet or navigation.

The charger has advanced protection against overvoltage, overload, short-circuit and thermal protection.

Set includes USB-Lightning cable.

The product is packed in an elegant box with eurohole.

Brand: LDNIO
Model: Dl-C28

Charging power: 3.4A
Input: DC12-24V
Output: DC5V 3.4A 17W

Cable length: 1m
Size: 27x66 mm


EAN code 6933138610282