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ESR Rebound Pencil for iPad PRO ( 12.9" ) 2018 / 2020 black

Photos of the products can be shared for the family of products (e.g. screen protectors) or slighly differ from current appearance of the product. We want to emphasize that we make every effort in order to our photographs precisely reflect products offered by us.

Product specification.

Three-fold case designed to protect the device. Provides protection in case of a fall. Folded to the TV stand.

Made of flexible TPU, effectively protects the device from scratches. It is easily applied and removed.

The three-fold magnetic design allows the case to be folded in a variety of ways, turning it into a TV stand or a stand for comfortable typing on the keyboard.

Provides easy access to ports, buttons and camera without removing the case.

Built-in stylus holder is a convenient and safe place to store the stylus.

Material: TPU
Features: wake up / sleep
Others: triple magnetic design

EAN code 4894240108895