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ESR Gravity Car Mount Phone Holder black

Photos of the products can be shared for the family of products (e.g. screen protectors) or slighly differ from current appearance of the product. We want to emphasize that we make every effort in order to our photographs precisely reflect products offered by us.

Product specification.

Modern and elegant gravity phone holder mounted to the ventilation grille. Has a tilt angle adjustment.

Mounting the device in the holder is extremely simple- just place it on the bottom stand and the arms of the handle will automatically clamp on the phone or navigation. Convenient assembly on the grid and adjustment of the angle of inclination allows you to adjust position of the device to your own needs.

Holder is kept in black and gray colors, which gives it an extremely elegant look.

Is suitable for most devices available on the market.

Certificate of originality inside the package.

EAN code X000Q4W1RD