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Forcell DEFENDER Case for SAMSUNG M31 black

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Product specification.

Armored protective case - Forcell DEFENDER. It is a modern cover, designed to ensure safety at the highest level. Equipped with TV stand function.

The plastic casing with the addition of silicone is shock and impact-resistant, which ensures the highest protection of the device that wears it.

TV stand function: an extendable stand makes it easy to watch movies and view photos on your phone.

Built-in magnet is compatible with magnetic car holders, thanks to which the case does not need additional metal plates on it.

A special design provides protection even during the most extreme accidents, making the case especially dedicated to people whose phones are exposed to frequent contact with the ground.

Raised edges around the screen and camera, as well as on the back, provide additional protection during a fall.

EAN code 5903396072253