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Forcell AntiBacterial case for SAMSUNG S20 ULTRA transparent

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Product specification.

Antibacterial case designed to resist bacteria and damage. Thanks to the silver ions used in the production process, the case blocks the growth of 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours.

Protection against bacteria and fungi at the level of 99.9%! The coating with embedded silver ions fights bacteria and prevents the growth of fungi.

How does it work? Silver ions neutralize harmful microorganisms by sticking to the cell membrane and inhibiting the secretion of enzymes that microbes need to live.

Made of TPU, the Forcell antibacterial case is resistant to damage and perfectly fits the dedicated phone model.

Full transparency preserves the original appearance of the device.

Necessary system cutouts provide easy access to all ports, ensuring full comfort of working with a smartphone.

The antibacterial activity of the product is confirmed by a test conducted by the SGS laboratory on the Klebsiella pneumoniae bacterial strain.

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EAN code 5903396059469