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Protective helmet on the nose color GRAY, size L

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Product specification.

Modern protective mask. A nose helmet is an excellent protection against pandemic. It combines the advantages of a classic helmet and a surgical mask, but it is small and light and does not hinder breathing.

Light construction and small size make it almost imperceptible while wearing it, ensuring comfort of use.

Compatible with face recognition systems. The nose helmet allows you to conveniently use your smartphone and does not hinder face detection with FaceID or other systems.

Meets the requirements of the Nose Covering Ordinance, thus effectively protecting against chipping, contamination and reducing the transmission of infection.

Easy to disinfect: to disinfect the product, simply spray it with 70% alcohol.

Transparent: does not hide the face, making communication way easier.

The soft material inside the mask ensures comfort and convenience even for several hours.

Special design allows you to wear corrective glasses and sunglasses.

Mask available in three sizes: S, M, L.

NOTE! The product is not a medical device.

Front strip: PVC / EPDM laminate
Faceplate: PET 0.2 mm
Regulating stoppers: polymer

EAN code 5903396082405