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HOCO HUB HB1 converter to 4 x USB Line machine tarnish

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Product specification.

A docking station with four USB 2.0 ports is a versatile solution if you want to use more than one port at a time. The accessory will be useful at home, office or school.

The hub ensures stable and fast data transfer. The theoretical value of data transfer speed is 480 Mb/s (60 Mb/s).

The station has modern electronics that protect against voltage surges. The maximum output power is 5V.

The set includes a 80 cm long cable.

Interface: 4x USB 2.0
Input: 5V (max)
Current: 500 mA (PC)
Size: 78 * 25 * 25 mm
Weight: 63 g
Cable: 80 cm

EAN code 6957531038139