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HOCO selfie stick with wireless remote control + tripod stand K11 pink

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Product specification.

Selfie stick with tripod function. Perfect for photography fans. Equipped with a portable remote control for taking photos.

Made of high quality materials: ABS + aluminum, guarantees long-term and safe use.

Compact size and lightweight, foldable design make it easy to carry and store your selfie stick.

Adjustable length - the stick extends, allowing you to adjust its length to the individual preferences of the user.

Built-in tripod - the product has three fold-out legs that ensure stability and allow you to take pictures from a distance.

Portable remote control allows you to take pictures without having to hold the stick.

The product connects to the device via Bluetooth technology.

Material: ABS + aluminum alloy
Size: 26.8 * 166 mm
Mounting range: 55-88 mm
Max. extension length: 680 mm
Compatibility: cell phones 4.7 "-6"

EAN code 6931474708458