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Webcam with microphone ECM-CDV1230 4K (3840*2160/30fps) 1080p/30fps

Photos of the products can be shared for the family of products (e.g. screen protectors) or slighly differ from current appearance of the product. We want to emphasize that we make every effort in order to our photographs precisely reflect products offered by us.

Product specification.

High-resolution 4K PC webcam. It allows you to display a sharp, clear image. Perfect for teleconferences and video calls.

High-definition lens ensures true color reproduction, effectively reduces image distortion and guarantees sharpness.

Versatile use: the camera is suitable for teleconferencing, online studies, telemedicine, video calling, etc.

Built-in microphone allows you to talk freely.

Lens: 5-layer glass lens
Resolution: 4K 3840*2160/30 fps, 1080p/30 fps
Support: Win/Linus/Mac OS/Android 5.0
Sensor: SonyIMX415

EAN code 5903396082443