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HOCO card reader HB20 Mindful 2-in-1card reader USB3.0

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Product specification.

2-in-1 memory card reader. Supports SD and TF cards, the most popular on the market today. Compatible with most operating systems available on the market.

The memory card reader is a convenient accessory that allows you to transfer copies of files from SD and TF cards to your computer. SD and TF cards are the most popular cards on the market today, used in smartphones, digital cameras, cameras and other devices.

Thanks to the memory card reader, you can easily copy files stored on cards, such as photos and videos, and save them on your computer for viewing and further editing.

The product is compatible with most operating systems on the market such as Windows and Mac OS.

Material: ABS
Size: 69 * 19 * 13 mm
Weight: 10 g
Theoretical transmission speed: 5 Gb/s
Theoretical support capacity: 2 TB

EAN code 6931474735218