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ARAREE Mach Stand case for IPHONE 12 / 12 PRO transparent

Photos of the products can be shared for the family of products (e.g. screen protectors) or slighly differ from current appearance of the product. We want to emphasize that we make every effort in order to our photographs precisely reflect products offered by us.

Product specification.

Araree belongs to an elite group of brands that can use the signature „Designed for Samsung". In practice, this guarantees that the product marked in this way has been tested by the phone manufacturer and meets the manufacturer's strict expectations regarding quality, compatibility and precision.

The case is made of a combination of durable PC and flexible TPU, thanks to which it is resistant to damage, providing reliable protection in the event of a fall. The built-in pull-out TV stand makes it easy to watch movies and view photos.

The special design absorbs all shocks. The raised edges protect the camera and screen from bruising. The strap cutout allows you to attach the lanyard to your smartphone.

EAN code 8809744462585