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HOCO cable USB to Iphone Lightning 8-pin 2,4A VICTORY X59 1 metr red

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Product specification.

The HOCO VICTORY X59 cable supports fast charging as well as data transfer. Bending resistant, strong nylon braid, reinforced structure. Compatible with Apple devices.

Supports fast Apple charging technology, which allows you to instantly charge devices with a maximum current of 2.4A.

Versatile - allows both device charging and free data transfer.

Strong nylon braid and extended plug cover - resistant to damage and breakage.

The cable does not corrode or oxidize, so it looks like new all the time.

The 1 m cable is compatible with Apple devices with a Lightning connector.

Material: Nylon braid
Connectors: USB-A to Lightning
Supported technology: fast Apple charging
Length: 1 m
Current: Max 2.4A
Weight: 30 g

EAN code 6931474744876