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REMAX wireless EARHOOK headset for noise-reduced calls RB-T39 black

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Product specification.

A lightweight Bluetooth business headset with a built-in sensitive microphone. For people who want to exercise, listen to music or drive a car.

The built-in noise reduction system ensures high-quality, clear sound, and the Bluetooth version 5.0 - a stable connection with the device.

A business handset is a great accessory not only at work: the product allows you to safely talk in the car, listen to music during training, perform everyday activities with your favorite music, without interruption.

Thanks to the ergonomic and lightweight design, it is extremely comfortable and does not burden the ears. The special design enables a stable mounting of the accessory in the ear.

Bluetooth version: V5.0
Transmission distance: 10 m
Battery: 80 mAh
Playing time: 6h (70%)
Charging time: 2h

EAN code 6954851244394