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REMAX cable USB to Typ C Surry 2 Fast Charging 5A RC-173a black

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Product specification.

The cable REMAX Surry 2 RC-173a from USB-A to USB-C enables charging and free data transfer. Compatible with many devices thanks to the power of 100W.

Fast charging technology allows you to quickly charge your devices. It supports Power Delivery 100W, Quick Charge, Fast Charging. The current of 5A and the pure copper wire guarantee a quick and safe renewal of energy.

Universal: allows loading and data transmission (480 MB / s). The intelligent energy management chip adjusts the voltage to the equipment and thus protects it against overcharging or overvoltage.

The optimal length (1 m) ensures comfortable use and does not restrict movement while charging. Compatible with devices with a USB-C connector: laptops, tablets, phones, consoles, etc.

Plugs: USB-A, USB-C
Material: TPE
Current: max. 5 A
Transmission speed: max. 480 MB/s
Length: 1 m
Functions: charging, data transfer, Power Delivery 100W, Quick Charge, Fast Charging
Compatibility: devices with USB-C connector

EAN code 6954851210474