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TACTICAL belt with metal clasp + handle / black

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Product specification.

Tactical belt with a metal clasp. Designed for the tactical holster available in our offer. Enables quick fastening and unfastening. It ensures the comfort of using the case attached to it.

A nylon tactical strap designed to attach a tactical holster (in our offer) or another case with sewn-in straps for mounting. Thus, all the most important items, along with your phone and other devices, can always be with you, no matter where you are.

A tactical (military) belt is a perfect and practical complement to a men's wardrobe for expeditions and everyday wear. The product has been designed to be convenient and comfortable to wear.

A metal Quick Release buckle with a locking system protects against accidental opening and facilitates quick unfastening and taking off the strap in an emergency (detaches and fastens with one click).

The strap allows you the adjustment, and the tip can be inserted under the belt loop from the inside or outside. The product fits various types of trousers, both denim and military.

EAN code 5903396127465