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FORCELL WINTER 21 / 22 case for IPHONE 13 MINI snowstorm

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Product specification.

Christmas back case - Forcell Winter. Provides excellent protection against damage and scratching. Available in five Christmas patterns. Comes with a Christmas phone theme to match the look of the case.

The case is made of durable TPU, so it is both durable and flexible enough to be easily mounted on the phone. The special design absorbs shocks and impacts, ensuring a high degree of protection.

The case allows free inductive charging. This means that the user does not need to remove the case to charge the smartphone. The necessary cutouts provide easy access to all ports and make the use of the smartphone extremely convenient.

Extra bonus! When you buy our product, you get a unique phone theme for free. The offered designs are compatible with the case theme and allow you to create a truly Christmas mood. To download the wallpaper, scan the QR code that comes with the product.

EAN code 5903396129452